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Cysta varicose, Varicose veins ⋆ Doctor Omar Abu-Bakr


    cysta varicose ce trebuie să frământați de la varicoză

    In these two systems the blood's flow direction is from superficial to deep and from down upwards. In order to ensure this direction of flow, in the venous lumen there are valves, these make the blood flow upward, against the gravity that pulls everything down, cysta varicose at the same time prevents any cysta varicose reflux from the deep venous system with high blood pressure to the superficial one with low blood pressure.

    When this flow direction changes, cysta varicose various pathological reasons, problems arise; Deep venous insufficiency if cysta varicose problem has occurred in the deep venous system, or superficial venous insufficiency varicose veins if the problem is in the superficial secondary venous system.

    cysta varicose phlebodia recenzii de la varicose

    Cysta varicose, in other cysta varicose, varicose veins are the illness of the superficial secondary venous system, in which the valves inside the superficial veins no longer cysta varicose href="">varicoză în marinari their function regardless of the cause that causes a percentage of venous blood to stagnate in these veins, and the symptoms of heavy legs, pain, edema, etc.

    Also, because of blood stagnation blood stasisblood clots inside the cysta varicose may form, and in time varicose ulcers may appear.

    cysta varicose carne cu vene varicoase

    The cause of varicose veins is basically genetic, but many factors can be involved, such as the long standing state and hormonal causes during pregnancy, Contraceptives, ovarian cysts, breast nodules, etc.